Ventura County-wide Indian Education Kick-off Zoom

VC Indian Education Consortium

The Ventura County Indian Education Consortium would like to share a resource with the staff, students and families of Hueneme School District.  Our hope is that this website can be a resource that your district will highlight throughout the months of October and November.  Will you be able to include it in some way on your district’s website or other communication platforms?

Whereas we know the Library of Congress months and days can be tokenizing, we believe that when taught in conjunction with Ethnic and Social Justice Studies and culturally responsive pedagogy, events such as Native American Day (in September), Indigenous Peoples Day (in October) and Native American Heritage Month (in November) can be used to illuminate the unique histories of the people in our community who come from Indigenous backgrounds.  We hope this website  provides valuable resources for students, families and educators to learn more about and celebrate Indigenous Peoples.

Attached is a link to the website:

Indian Education lessons will begin in October, through Zoom. I will be communicating with you soon, regarding the implementation of those lessons, including a new curriculum for all secondary students that we are launching on Indigenous Peoples Day, October 12th via a county-wide zoom kick off.  More information coming soon!

Join Zoom here: